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Large Jewelry Box

With all its compartments, its rolls for rings, hooks for necklaces, cushions for watches...this large jewelry box will easily organize all your personal jewelry! If you are nostalgic for your grandparents' time, then the ballerina jewelry box will bring back your fondest memories.

A large jewelry box is the best type of box for people who own a lot of jewelry!
A large box to store all your jewelry
A large box means you will have plenty of room to store your jewelry, so if you own a big collection, with a lot of necklaces and earrings, this is the best option. With a big box, you can be sure that all your jewelry can be stored and secured.

Large jewelry boxes are great because they usually have many compartments: suspensions for necklaces or large earrings, a display for rings, drawers for bracelets, brooches and stud earrings, and sometimes even a drawer for watches. Thanks to them, you will be able to store your jewelry in the place that suits them best, and you will be sure that they will not be damaged.
Which type of box to choose?
To choose your jewelry box, you need to keep in mind the size of your collection: do you have a lot of them? So much that your previous box wasn’t enough? If yes, it’s better to opt for an extra large jewelry box. A large jewelry box with drawers can be enough too, it depends, you alone can be the judge!

Once you know which size you need, you can concentrate on the design: you can choose a large wooden jewelry box, it’s a noble and classy material and it will bring a warm atmosphere to your home, or maybe you will prefer a velvet box, a unique and elegant choice which will bring some softness to your decoration. There are also glass boxes, delicate but beautiful, or even plastic boxes, practical for young people.

For colors and shapes, everything is possible, you just have to take the one that suits you best!

How to organize a large jewelry box?
Organizing a large jewelry box is meticulous and important. Each piece of jewelry has its place.

For the necklaces, after having untangled them well, the best is to store them on the suspensions specially designed for this use. If you have a lot of necklaces, you can put two per display, but maybe in this case it is better to put two of different materials, to be able to easily untangle them if by misfortune they become entangled in one another.

For bracelets, the best place is the drawers. You can also put long bracelets on the necklace hangers if you still have space!

As for your rings, generally you will have rolls specially made to store them. You can also put your stud earrings here, as well as your brooches. The other earrings will all have their place in small drawers, so you can keep your pairs separate and know where they are.

Of course, there is no unbreakable rule for storage, you can put the jewelry wherever you want, this is just a few tips. The most important thing is to keep in mind that you have plenty of room so don't hesitate to use it!

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Lisa founder at box-of-jewelry
"If you can't fit your entire jewelry collection into this type of storage... then I can't help you!"
Box-of-jewelry the specialist to organize all your jewels
The ultimate storage for your jewelry.
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I created box-of-jewelry™ with one goal in mind: to allow all young women (and men, of course) to be able to take care of their favourite jewellery, thanks to a suitable jewelry box !

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