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Jewelry Box for Women

A great jewelry collection deserves a great jewelry box for women! Featuring an excellent finish that inspires luxury, this jewelry box is the ultimate accessory to perfect your dressing table. For gentlemen we also have beautiful mens jewelry boxes.

Storage for the most beautiful jewelry
A woman always needs a place to store her jewelry. A jewelry box or a jewelry case is there to fulfill the indispensable functions of storage space and protection space for our precious objects. Moreover, a jewelry box is a beautiful object that lasts and that we keep for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right jewelry box!
An essential jewelry box to all women
A jewelry box is an essential storage for all women to take care of our jewelry. Thanks to it, you will be able to store your collection, each bracelet, each ring will have its place. Your earrings will not separate and your necklaces will remain well untangled. You will certainly extend the life of your most precious jewels with precious stones or rubies and you will not have to fear losing them anymore!

The beautiful jewelry box can also have a significant decorative value! Indeed, it is a storage that can bring a lot to the aesthetics of your room or living room. Whether you choose a pretty wooden box, a red box, a velvet box to match your curtains or a soft and silky box for your wedding ring... The possibilities are endless! So consider this criterion when choosing the right jewelry box for you.

You can also choose a women's jewelry box that reflects your personality, after all, our jewelry looks like us, so why not their storage? For example, you can choose a high-end box in your favorite color: a red velvet jewelry box, a black wooden box, a white or brown box, a blue, pink or purple leather jewelry box... You can also go for a simple well-compartmentalized box if you like minimalist decoration, a wooden box if you like antiques, a travel jewelry box if you move often... If a jewelry box speaks to you, don't hesitate!
How to choose a jewelry box that suits your collection ?
To choose your jewelry box, it is important to take into account the characteristics of your collection.

First of all, do you have a lot of jewelry? If so, it's best to opt for a large box or a large case for all your personal jewelry. For a small collection, a small jewelry box may suffice. However, you must also take into account the nature of your jewelry! Indeed, jewelry boxes are all different and they each have unique features: if you have a lot of stud earrings and rings, for example, it is interesting to go for a box with a lot of storage sockets! If it's necklaces that you have the majority of, there are jewelry boxes with lots of hangers created for that purpose. Finally, if your jewelry is of different styles (vintage, modern...) and you want to keep them separate, it's better to choose a jewelry box with lots of slots. Of course, there is no exact rule, these are just tips, it's up to you to decide which box is right for you!

You can also base your choice on the material of the box. For its elegance, leather may be your preference, especially since nowadays there is vegan leather, in the service of the animal cause that we support at box-of-jewelry. But it is possible that you prefer wood! A noble material that gives a warm dimension to your box. Velvet, luxurious, can also tempt you: indeed, who wouldn't want a very soft jewelry box? Glass boxes, which give the impression of owning a real little jewelry store with a display case, are not to be outdone either.

Finally, you can go for more original boxes, like a musical jewelry box for women or a large quilted leather jewelry box. So, choose according to your tastes and needs!
The essentials to have in your jewelry box
If you don't know what to put in your beautiful jewelry box, here are some tips and a non-exhaustive list of jewelry essentials for each one!

There is no doubt that during the many events of your life you will need many necklaces, whether it is during your daily life or your particular outings! So don't hesitate to have one (or more) choker necklace, which will go wonderfully with a round neck, a long necklace, perfect for wearing with a plunging neckline and a pendant necklace, for example a lucky charm (like your favorite gemstone, the classic horseshoe...), which you can wear to give you courage at any time of your life. Opt for these necklaces in various colors: gold, silver and black will go with absolutely any outfit. Also get a pearl necklace, a mark of elegance for example.

As for bracelets, there are also several styles to choose from: a bracelet to add a touch of elegance to your clothes, fancy bracelets for the summer and the beautiful days and bracelets made of threads of all colors, very trendy, which will allow you to always have a bracelet in the color of your clothes.

It is also important to have several kinds of earrings: dangling earrings, perfect for evenings, rings, small and large, which will match all your outfits and stud earrings, practical for everyday life.

Finally, many rings (thin, big, fancy rings...) and some brooches are the ideal jewels to complete your collection !

Moreover, don't hesitate to add some handmade jewelry: for example, a bracelet made by your child, or a pretty ring that you would have found in a particular workshop! These pieces of jewelry have their place alongside your gold and silver jewelry.

A jewelry box for women is therefore a particularly important object, but by following a few tips, it becomes very easy to know which box to choose in order to take care of our jewelry in the best possible way !

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Box-of-jewelry the specialist to organize all your jewels
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I created box-of-jewelry™ with one goal in mind: to allow all young women (and men, of course) to be able to take care of their favourite jewellery, thanks to a suitable jewelry box !

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