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Leather Jewelry Box

Built with a noble material, the leather jewelry box will go through time while keeping its splendor! We favor vegan leather for all our models of jewelry boxes of this type. For a more traditional look but which corresponds perfectly to the world of jewelry, the velvet jewelry box remains a safe bet!

A leather jewelry box for your rings and necklaces
Leather is often a sign of luxury, elegance and quality, so it is natural to go for a leather jewelry box to store your precious collection! You may already swear by this material, but if you still need to be convinced, you've come to the right place !
Why choose a leather jewelry box ?
The main advantages of a leather jewelry box are the durability and strength that leather brings. Indeed, it is a material that has a great longevity, which will allow you not to have to repurchase a jewelry box before long. Leather also allows you to protect your jewelry and keep it in a healthy environment. And the material lasts so long that you may even be able to pass your jewelry box on to your children or grandchildren !

Aesthetically, leather also has great advantages: it is a classy material, often used for luxury products, and it is timeless. All of your friends will rave about your jewelry box and you won't get tired of looking at it.

It's also a material that works for both sexes: leather can be particularly feminine, as seen with luxury bags or shoes, but it can also be extremely masculine, in its simplicity and elegance. So whether you're looking for a jewelry box for women or men, leather is always an option !

Plus, there are so many leather colors, sizes, and styles of leather jewelry boxes that it's impossible for you not to find something that suits your tastes! The traditional white, black and brown leathers are the ones you automatically think of, but there are also blue leather, green leather, pink, red and peach leather. There is inevitably among these colors one that will match the decoration of your room or your apartment! There are many shapes too: large leather jewelry boxes, heart-shaped boxes, boxes with drawers, boxes with a handle, round jewelry boxes... There is really something for everyone !
What is the PU leather used in our jewelry boxes ?
You should know that real leather jewelry boxes are not the only options that exist when it comes to leather jewelry boxes. In fact, it's very likely that if you're among the animal lovers, you'll refuse to opt for a leather jewelry box. But don't worry, there are other leathers that don't harm animals !

For example, you can opt for imitation leather, that plastic leather. In fact, more and more major brands are offering "vegan" alternatives. These alternatives aim to create a leather that resembles animal leather in texture or feel, but does not use any animal products. Such leathers can be made of synthetic materials, such as plastic, or natural materials, such as cork. Today, the most popular "vegan" leather is PU leather or "polyurethane leather". It is a synthetic leather, made from polyurethane, a petroleum derivative. It has the appearance of real leather and is also less expensive. And, unlike real leather, it is water and light resistant !

This PU leather is therefore an interesting alternative that you should not hesitate to use if you are concerned by the animal cause or even, more simply, if you want a leather jewelry box at a lower cost !
How to maintain a leather jewelry box ?
Maintaining leather is not always easy. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your leather jewelry box beautiful.

First of all, it is important not to keep your leather jewelry box exposed to the sun (avoid putting it in front of a window, for example), to avoid too hot temperatures and humid environments, because the leather may dehydrate. You can also check with a tannery to see if your leather can be waterproofed.

To wash a leather box, you can use a soft cloth slightly dampened with a little Marseille soap. You should not rub hard, but simply pass lightly over the material. Then, you rinse with a damp cloth. And be careful not to pour water on the box or case.

To keep your leather moisturized, you can also use moisturizing creams or makeup remover, which you apply in very small quantities on your box, penetrating with gentle circular movements. There are also special products to keep leather healthy, but it's best to ask professionals before buying them, as each product is made for a specific leather.

If your jewelry box is made of PU leather, the constraints are less: a damp cloth should be enough for cleaning, as it is a material that does not stain easily. However, in case you still have stains, you should use a small amount of cleaning alcohol diluted in water, as well as a soft cloth. Just be careful not to rub too hard and do not use abrasive sponges. Note also that synthetic leather is water resistant, but avoid exposing it to too much water, so always use a cloth and do not spray directly on the box.

Leather, imitation leather and PU leather jewelry boxes, if they are not always easy to maintain, still have certain advantages that cannot be overlooked, and the class and elegance they inspire make them a first choice product !

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