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Mens Jewelry Box

Many men and boys own signet rings, watches or bracelets! The men's jewelry box is perfect for storing the jewelry of the male gender. For escapades at the other end of the world, the travel jewelry case allows you to take your favorite pieces with you.

The ultimate men's jewellery storage
We automatically associate jewelry boxes with women. However, there is no reason why a man should not also need one! Indeed, a man needs a place to store his bracelets, chains and other jewelry as much as a woman. So don't hesitate to go for a jewelry box for men!
Why a jewelry box for a man ?
A jewelry box for men will allow any man to be able to store his jewelry and accessories and thus not to have to search for them constantly and to avoid misplacing them! It is also the insurance to keep them in good condition, to avoid dust and not to have to buy them regularly. So don't hesitate to buy one for yourself (if you are a man) or for your husband, your father, your son or your brother. Or even to your close friends if you want to make an original gift!

You may find it hard to imagine a jewelry box for men, but don't worry, they come in many styles! So you are bound to find one that suits your personality or the personality of the person you want to give it to.

However, there are some criteria to consider. First of all, the size of the jewelry collection owned by the person for whom the jewelry box or box is intended, as well as the type of jewelry. It is obvious that you will need a large box for a large collection, whereas you can go for a smaller box if there is not much jewelry to store. Likewise, you will have to prefer boxes with rolls if you have to store cufflinks or stud earrings and prefer a box with many compartments if you have a lot of bracelets and chains.

Then, you have to ask yourself the question of design and material: wooden or leather boxes are among the favorites among men, and they are very solid. For the design, there are very simple and sober, brown or black jewelry boxes, or modern jewelry boxes a little more sophisticated with drawers, for example.
What to put in this men's jewelry box ?
Men's jewelry is becoming more and more fashionable! Thus, it is not difficult to fill his jewelry box for men. If you still have doubts, here is a small list of jewelry essential to the male gender:

First of all, the watch, timeless and timeless. Whether it is a Rolex, Cartier or simply a more classic timepiece, most men already own one. Then, the tie clips and cufflinks! We don't always think about it but we need a place to store these small accessories that are easily lost. These buttons are also a perfect gift idea for any occasion, it will always please men who are used to dress in suits. Many men also have chains, gold or silver, long or small. Some also have pendants, as a religious sign for example, or their wedding ring! The wedding ring is another common piece of jewelry for married men, as are other rings such as signet rings. A jewelry box is the perfect place to store them. Other men also have a pierced ear (or two), so earrings or ear piercings are not out of place. Men's bracelets are also increasingly numerous nowadays, especially leather bracelets with various decorations: a ship's anchor, a first name or a date engraved ...

As we can see, men's jewelry is actually more numerous than we might think!

And speaking of leather bracelets, let's see how to take care of them so that they don't get damaged and keep their shine !
How to care and preserve your leather jewelry ?
The maintenance of a leather bracelet must be done regularly (about every two months if you wear it daily), but not in any way. There are several rules to follow to keep your leather in the best possible condition and not to risk damaging it.

First of all, it is advisable to avoid too humid environments or exposing your bracelet to the sun for too long, as the leather may dry out and change color. So, to keep your leather moisturized, don't hesitate to apply moisturizing cream or baby milk on your jewelry (after having made sure to remove dust with a soft cloth beforehand), taking care not to put too much and making small circular movements.

Then, to clean your bracelet, you must not put your jewel in water (avoid bathing with it and exposing it to the rain), nor use polish or aggressive products. In fact, it is better to use a soft cloth and soak it with a little Marseille soap (or white vinegar mixed with hot water if a stain is stubborn): apply the cloth on the leather and let it rest for about ten minutes, before rinsing with a cloth slightly soaked in water. Let dry in the open air.

If you're worried about your leather reacting badly, don't hesitate to test a small piece of your bracelet, preferably on the surface that touches your skin when you wear it.

And if your leather ever smells bad, there are a few solutions to get rid of unpleasant odors! You can use baking soda: sprinkle it on your bracelet and put it in a plastic bag overnight, then remove the baking soda with a clean cloth. This should absorb the odor. Applying a little beeswax to the leather can also do the trick, but be careful as some leathers tend to darken on contact.

To keep your bracelet shiny, don't hesitate to rub it regularly with a shoe brush, without any product.

If you follow these tips, your jewelry should stay healthy and beautiful for a long time! Of course, organizing them in a men's jewelry box is the best way to keep them!

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