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Jewelry Organizer

If you need dedicated storage for a certain type of jewelry, then a jewelry organizer is for you! Each model is equipped with the proper storage for each piece of jewelry. The earring organizer, for example, has notches for dangles and holes for stud earrings!


A jewelry organizer is an efficient and easy storage system for your jewelry: these organizers exist for each piece of your collection (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings…).
Why should we use jewelry organizers?
Whether we have a lot of jewelry or few of them, we all need a place to store them. That’s why a jewelry organizer can be very useful! It’s the best option to maximize your jewelry organization: your jewelry will no longer hang around, you won’t lose them anymore and you won’t waste time anymore looking for them because you will always know where they are!

It’s also a very interesting storage system because it doesn’t take a lot of space! If you live in a small place, or if you just don’t want to use a lot of space for your jewelry, this is the perfect option.

Furthermore, with a jewelry organizer, you can store your jewelry in a beautiful way, as if you had your own little jewelry store! You will be able to admire them, take your time to choose them in the morning (because you will have them all in view, which is different if they are stored in a kit, for example).

It’s also the best way to keep your jewelry safe and in excellent condition. Each jewelry will be at its designated place, your necklaces won't get tangled, your rings won't get lost, your earrings will stay in pairs and they will stay in their best shape.

You can also opt for a travel jewelry organizer! This way, you will be able to take your jewelry with you when you’re on vacation without fearing to lose them, or to damage them among all your belongings. A jewelry travel organizer can be very useful!
How to organize jewelry?

Organizing our jewelry is never an easy task, because we always want the best for them, we want to keep them safe, but it’s also easily tiring to have to store a collection that does not stop growing. However, with some advice, you can turn this chore into an easy-to-do task. In addition, once your jewelry is well organized, you will not have to do it again!

So for a start, you need to store each of your jewelry by their type: rings with rings, necklaces with necklaces, a stack for your earrings… Once you have done it, in each of these stacks you can throw away (or donate, or sell, if it’s in good condition) damaged or never used jewelry (if you’re sure to never use them). Then, you can make two new stacks for each of your previous ones, to separate the jewelry you wear often from the one you rarely use. This will be helpful for later.

Now that you know which jewelry you want to keep and to store, you can wash them. You need to be careful, because each material washes differently: for your gold jewelry, you can mix some dish detergent in warm water, with a bit of ammonia. Then, you can gently brush them with a toothbrush. And finally you can rinse them with clear warm water, and dry them with a soft cloth. For silver jewelry, the best way to wash them is to soak them in warm water mixed with a bit of dish soap, for five minutes (more if they are really dirty). Then, as for the gold, you can rinse them in clean water and dry them with a soft towel. And, if you own leather jewelry, you need to be extra careful: it’s better to avoid water. So, you can use a moisturizing hand soap and apply it with a soft cloth. Then, with a slightly damp microfiber towel, you can wipe and dry it.

Now, you can store your jewelry in your jewelry organizers! Rings in rings organizer, necklaces in your necklace organizers… This way, each of your jewels will be in the right place and will be safe.
Where to place your jewelry organizer?
Maybe you wonder where to place your jewelry organizer. Here’s two options that can help you: the first one is to put it on your makeup table, especially if it’s a jewelry box organizer, so you can have all your beauty products next to each other and it’s easier to get ready in the morning! The second option is to put your organizer in a drawer, particularly if it’s a jewelry organizer tray. This is a good option if you want to keep your jewelry safe if you live in a damp room.
How to organize jewelry in a drawer?
If you choose the drawer, to organize jewelry drawer you can start by making room for your jewelry: you can create a drawer specially dedicated to this, if you have a lot of jewelry, or you can, for example, make it a make-up drawer, so you will always know where your beauty accessories are. If you have multiple organizers, and you want to put them on top of each other, the best is to focus on the jewelry you wear most often and place it on top (for example, if you wear earrings every day but not necklaces, put the earring organizer above).

As you can see, jewelry organizers are very useful and practical objects to store your jewelry!

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