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Bracelet Holder

Designed to hold all types of bracelets, chains and other small necklaces, the bracelet holder is the jewelry holder to store your jewels and avoid losing them under a piece of furniture or at the bottom of your dressing table. If you only have watches, perhaps a watch holder will be more suitable for your collection.

A bracelet holder is a jewelry holder with a velvet, leather or wooden support to store your bracelets. Its primary function is to store your bracelets but it can also be used for your watches.
Why choose a bracelet holder
If, like at box-of-jewelry, you like to mix different styles of bracelets on your wrist, whether they are made of leather, pearls, cuffs or even rushes, you must have accumulated bracelets in your drawers! These bracelets will end up getting damaged and the worst thing is that you may have even forgotten some of the models in the back. If this is the case, don't worry we have the solution, you can turn to the bracelet holder.

This jewelry holder allows you to store mainly rigid bracelets that can quickly clutter your jewelry box, especially if it is small. It is not very bulky and will not take up much space on your dressing table. Well... depending on the model because if you are a real bracelet fan, you'll need a large bracelet jewelry holder with several strands!

Rigid bracelets such as Pandora or rush bracelets can quickly become bulky on a dressing table and if you simply put it on a piece of furniture the charms could fall off and get damaged. By using a bracelet holder you can simply fix it around the coil as if it were on your wrist and it's done!
The different models of bracelet storage
Depending on your needs and tastes, you will not choose the same model as your neighbor and you are right. Any type of jewelry storage should not be chosen at random, otherwise it will not meet your needs and you will be disappointed.

Wooden bracelet holder
This type of jewelry holder is usually made of raw wood but you can also find some made of driftwood. The classic model has a single wooden flange.

You will find bi-material models that is to say in wood and velvet for example. The whole structure of the jewelry holder can be made of wood and the velvet rings can be made of soft velvet so as not to damage your jewels.
Velvet bracelet holder
If you like softness, then this type of bracelet storage will please you. Velvet is ultra soft to the touch, but that's not the most important thing since what we care about is that your jewelry is stored and not scratched on your furniture.

The velvet models can be of all colors, gray, pink, black, etc. ... Entirely in velvet or with small details in gold metal that gives them a very chic side.

In short, if you have too many bracelets in your jewelry box or you want to have them at hand every morning, the bracelet holder is the ideal storage for you. Did you know that you can use this jewelry holder as a watch and bracelet storage without any problem? Feel free to browse our entire collection of jewelry holders, there is bound to be a model that will meet your needs!

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Lisa founder at box-of-jewelry
"Take advantage of a bracelet holder to store your watches, bracelets and other valuable charms!"
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