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Ring Holder

Put some order on your dressing table with a ring holder specially designed to store your favorite rings! This model of jewelry holder is very decorative, but for long jewelry a necklace holder will be more suitable.

The ring holder is a simple but formidable accessory when it comes to storing and organizing your favorite jewels. The ring is probably the most popular piece of jewelry in the world. Children, women and men wear them regularly and of all kinds: silver or gold rings, costume rings, signet rings... there is something for every taste, every culture. This jewel is so popular that it is even declined as a wedding ring, a real symbol during the wedding. A woman and a man exchange their promises at the same time as their respective wedding rings: it is a symbolic jewel for centuries, and it is advisable to take the greatest care of it to make it last. While a ring organizer will allow you to store a large quantity of rings, the ring holder is a simpler storage, with less capacity, but very original and which allows you to keep your favorite treasures at your disposal.
What is a ring holder
A ring holder is a type of jewelry holder specially designed to store rings and other ring-shaped jewelry. It is often composed of a wooden, ceramic or plastic base that can be used as a dish to put your less precious jewelry. Costume jewelry, metal rings or rings made of alloys that are not very precious can be easily placed on it in order to keep them all in the same place. However, they will not be protected from shocks and scratches. That's why the structure of the ring holder is ideal: generally shaped like a hand with fingers like human beings, the rings can be slipped in as if you were putting a ring on your finger! This way, your favorite jewelry will no longer get damaged by rubbing against each other. This jewelry display can also take more or less original forms: we can find ring holders in the shape of an elephant with the trunk that serves as a support for the rings, in the shape of a crown on which we put our little jewels, or in the shape of a cactus for example! This kind of jewelry holder will be perfect to brighten up the decoration of a living room, alongside your scented candles. Generally, the ring holder is recommended to store the rings you wear most often, so that you always have them within reach. The rest of the collection is best stored in a ring organizer or a dedicated jewelry box.
Why use a ring holder ?
One might ask why use a ring holder to store your jewelry when it will certainly gather dust or be exposed to the sun's UV rays, which are known to tarnish precious alloys. It's a legitimate question, but there are a few reasons why you might want to buy a ring stand.

First, this type of display is decorative: you can very well choose different models of ring holders to display in your living room. They will be just as decorative as a candle holder or a vase because of their color and shape. And they will obviously be used to display your favorite rings.

Secondly, it happens very often that we lose a ring behind a piece of furniture or under a bed, without remembering where it is. With this kind of jewelry organizer, your small silver or white gold rings will be each on one of the places of the ring holder, and will not fall down at the slightest wind. It is generally used to store the rings that we wear daily and that have no real financial or sentimental value. Indeed, it is not the most appropriate type of storage to keep them for a long time, but that is not what we ask!

Finally, it will save you time every morning! And God knows we can waste time looking for that diamond ring we absolutely want to wear with our suit! Always at hand and in front of your eyes, you will be able to choose quickly which jewel you are going to wear today, and thus take advantage of the time saved to perfect your make-up or opt for a more worked hairstyle.
Where can i buy a ring holder ?
Unfortunately not very well known, the ring holder is difficult to find in supermarkets. You should not hesitate to search the shelves of your favorite store to find a model of ring holder that is lying around. Otherwise, it can be ingenious to go to a jewelry store and ask the salesmen if they don't offer solutions to store and organize your rings (and jewelry more simply). But these models are likely to be expensive.
Otherwise, the easiest thing to do is to look on the internet ! The web is full of information all more or less useful, but you will inevitably find a specialized website that sells jewelry holders. You have come across this article, and we offer ring holders and other jewelry holders for sale! So don't hesitate to browse through our different collections to find THE jewelry holder that will best suit your personal jewelry.

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