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Jewelry Holder

Our jewelry holders will be perfect for hanging all your long necklaces, pendants and other necklaces. If your collection is very varied, the earring holder will be perfectly adapted to all types of earrings, pendants, large hoop earrings or studs, while a necklace holder will be more useful for bracelets and very long chains!

Jewelry holder, the original and trendy jewelry display for all your necklaces
Tired of having to untangle your necklaces, chains and other pendants? Discover the jewelry holder, a jewelry display specifically dedicated to accommodate all your necklaces, pendants and other long chains! This way, they won't end up twisted at the bottom of your drawer, but will be displayed on your dressing table, ready to be chosen!
Why choose a jewelry holder to organize your jewelry collection ?
You may already have a jewelry box. You know, that box with compartments, drawers and other bungs or slots to store your rings, bracelets, chains, etc... This accessory is super practical for small pieces of jewelry and allows you to keep your personal jewelry safe. However, you can quickly find yourself limited if you have long necklaces, large pendants and other jewelry to wear around your neck. The jewelry holder, with its T shape and large height capacity is the ideal accessory to complete your jewelry box! This type of metal jewelry has hooks to hang your favorite necklace, your pendant set with jewels or your favorite wooden necklace. It acts as a real jewelry organizer thanks to the earring holder that is placed on the vertical iron bars and its support that usually allows you to place some rings and pearls. A real decorative object in its own right, the jewelry holder comes in different forms such as the jewelry tree or the wall necklace holder. Thanks to it, your necklaces and long jewels will no longer be lying around in a drawer and will no longer get tangled up! Arrange them on its hooks, display them in your home decor alongside your dressing table and makeup mirror, and you'll be equipped to get ready every morning without worrying about wasting time choosing which necklace to wear or looking for your favorite one.
Which jewelry holder to choose for your necklaces ?
First of all, it is advisable to make an inventory of your jewelry, in order to list all the necklaces that you own. In short, it is necessary to count the number of jewelry that you want to store and organize. Maybe a simple jewelry tree is enough for your entire jewelry collection? Or maybe you need a necklace rack on which to display a multitude of gold chains, iron necklaces and other costume jewelry?

Once you've decided on the number of pieces, you'll have to choose the design of your jewelry holder. A metal jewelry holder will go very well with a vintage decor where we find industrial type furniture. Indeed, metal or iron jewelry accessories will go perfectly with a leather armchair for example or furniture combining wood and iron. Nevertheless, if you want a more cocooning and warm decoration, a wall jewelry holder mixing wood and velvet will slide very well on your dressing table next to your wooden jewelry box.

Finally, you should choose the layout you want for your jewelry organizer. A wall-mounted jewelry holder will be fixed to the wall, above your dressing table or chest of drawers and will showcase your collection of necklaces or gemstone pendants. It will always be equipped with hooks and holes for earrings. It will also give visibility on your entire jewelry collection. Nevertheless, the metal jewelry holder might be placed on a cabinet, a dressing table or night table. It generally has a support, a wooden base or a black or white metal base and can store a few bracelets, brooches or amulets. There are other types of accessories that are just as practical as each other, such as the jewelry spinner or the jewelry tree!
Necklace holder for necklaces, chains and long jewelry
This model of jewelry stand is ideal for girl jewelry such as necklaces, pendants and long necklaces! Thanks to its generous height, your gold necklace or emerald pendant will easily fit on a hook of the horizontal rod. Generally made of black or white metal, it is resistant and will support your jewelry for many years, but will also resist to the fall! The necklace jewelry holder usually has a base that acts as a dome, and can therefore store a few trinkets, rings, bracelets or charms. Its iron structure fits well with a vintage decoration and will look great alongside a metal jewelry box! Its price, generally lower than a jewelry tree, makes it an ideal accessory to give to your wife or daughter!
Earring holder
What's worse than looking for your favorite pair of earrings, and finding only one, making it an orphan? To avoid this, it can be wise to opt for an earring display, like a jewelry tree for example or a dedicated metal jewelry holder. All your pairs will easily take place on a hook or a hole dedicated to receive the loop! Whether it's a small chip or large hoop earring, most of your pairs of earrings will be safe on their jewelry holder, and will be easily visible to choose one in the morning. Depending on the type of clasp of your pair, such as clips for example, you will have to make sure that your entire collection will be compatible with this jewelry display! Its base, usually made of metal or wood in the shape of a dome, can hold a few small rings, beautiful jewelry, or your most used rings, signet rings and brooches. You will also find lots of T-shaped jewelry holders to store all your jewelry!
Jewelry tree for small necklaces or bracelets
This jewelry holder model that looks like a tree of life with large branches is perfect for your small jewelry to hang! Does your wife wear large hoop earrings? Does your daughter love costume jewelry with chains or multicolored bracelets? Why not make them gifts? Just hang dangling earrings, beautiful necklace jewelry or any silver jewelry on the hooks or holes to easily organize their collection. No need to hammer nails to hang them on the wall, the jewelry tree is a very decorative accessory and easily replaces the wall jewelry holder. It is available in different colors, whether silver or creative displays, such as deer antler jewelry holder or tree of life, this model of necklace holder and ring holder will match any jewelry box and will give a charm to your dressing table for makeup. The jewelry tree has most of the time a cup to receive your rings or small bracelets! Perfect to place the most used pieces of jewelry in the same place.
Wall jewelry organizer
These jewelry displays are usually made of metal and are fixed to the wall, ideally above your dressing table or jewelry box. The storage for rings or earrings is provided by hooks like a key ring! You can also make them yourself or improve them by adding some brass touches or by dressing it up with a little white imitation leather. The wall jewelry holder is often designed in an original and creative shape, like a heart to decorate your living room. These models are mainly intended for storing your very long necklaces, or gold chain by their principle of operation (wall and hooks, like nail and hanger). They are also equipped with holes for your small hoop earrings, your rings or other buckles with adequate clasps.
Jewelry bust display for your most beautiful sets
Were you always amazed as a child in front of the mannequin busts proudly displaying sublime jewelry sets adorned with diamonds, pearls, emeralds or rubies at the jeweler's? Why don’t you display your jewelry set yourself at home, on a pretty original jewelry display in the shape of a human bust? Discover our collection of velvet-covered bust necklace holders to take care of your most beautiful jewelry! This jewelry display will surely look great next to your jewelry box or your jewelry cabinet. Available in small sizes to hold a small pendant or a small gold ornament, it is also available in large sizes for your larger solid gold necklaces or wooden necklaces.

As you can see, there is a multitude of models of original jewelry holders that will make exceptional gift ideas for a birthday for your daughter or Christmas for your wife! No more chains or jewels lying around, no more orphaned earrings or tangled necklaces, your jewels and accessories will finally find their place in a jewelry holder adapted to their size.

If you have a very large collection of earrings, whether they are dangling, large hoop earrings or hook earrings, don't hesitate to take a look at our earring holder collection to avoid losing them accidentally.

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Box-of-jewelry the specialist to organize all your jewels
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