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Necklace Organizer

A real jewelry holder in its own right, the necklace organizer is perfectly suited to store your most beautiful pendants or chains. For finger jewelry such as rings, signet and wedding rings, a ring organizer will be your ally thanks to its velvet covered rollers.

You’re tired of having to fight every morning with your necklaces so that they untangle and you can wear the one you want? Tired of seeing your chains break because they were stuck with each other? Well, you will be pleased to learn that it’s possible to put an end to this inconvenience! Yes, by opting for a necklace organizer, you can keep your necklaces untangled, separate from each other, and tidy.
How to organize necklaces ?
Organizing necklaces is never easy! These long (or short) chains made of different materials do not seem to be made to be stored together, because they always end up tangling and they seem so fragile that it is difficult to separate them. However, with the appropriate storage, you will quickly realize that the difficulties disappear and that necklace organization can be easy (and sustainable)!

Firstly, you need to take some time to separate all of your necklaces. It’s annoying and can be difficult, but once it’s done, you won’t have to do it anymore (ever)!

If you need to untangle them or get rid of a knot, here’s some advice: you can use some soap, like dishwashing soap or basic shampoo, and some warm water. Take away the pendants in the chains if you have some (so they won’t be damaged by the soap) and put your necklaces in the soapy water. Then, you can gently rub the knots between your fingertips. Most of the time, it’s enough to untangle everything! And once it’s done, you can put your necklaces in clear water to rinse it well. After that, be careful that everything dries well in the open air or with a soft cloth.

If the soap doesn’t work, you can use oil, like cooking oil, and put some on the knots, then you can roll the knot to the end of the chain. Finally, even more than with soap, you must make sure that the necklace is well rinsed and well dried before continuing your storage.

Now that your necklaces are untangled from each other and free of their knots, you can finally store them in your necklace organizer box. Of course, the choice of the organizer is yours and yours only. What is important is that you choose the one who seems the most useful to you, one that has enough space for all your necklaces. You can also keep in mind your bedroom’s aesthetic when you’re choosing the one you need, because you may want to opt for one that would fit well with your decoration!

Once you've found what you need and once your necklaces are tidy in your jewelry organizer for necklaces, you shouldn't have to go through all those steps again! Your jewelry is now well ordered and it should stay that way, making it easier for you in the morning when you want to wear it, and helping you to save some time when you’re getting ready!

So don't hesitate to choose a necklace organizer!

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"Just like in a jewelry store, display your most beautiful necklaces with a nice necklace organizer!"
Box-of-jewelry the specialist to organize all your jewels
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