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Travel Jewelry Case

Every year thousands of rings and earrings are lost during vacations because of the lack of suitable jewelry storage. Opting for a travel jewelry box is to ensure that you come home with your entire collection. Discover also our beautiful collection of wooden jewelry boxes to organize your precious treasures once at home.

Jewelry case for traveling
It happens very often that we lose our jewels during the vacations, without hope of finding them one day... It is not rare either that we forget to wear them because we do not remember that we brought them and that we left them at the bottom of our bag throughout the trip. However, these problems can easily be solved! Yes, by getting a travel jewelry box, you will finally be able to enjoy your jewelry collection while on vacation!
To be able to bring your jewelry everywhere
Opting for a travel jewelry box is a smart and practical choice. Indeed, with a travel jewelry box in your possession, you will no longer lose your jewelry during your travels and trips abroad! Your earrings will not come back home without their twin, your rings will come back safe and sound and you will not regret the disappearance of your favorite necklace buried in the sand. Your jewels will not be damaged or broken by accident, your most fragile chains will be safe from damage and your most precious brooches will not lose their fastening system.

A travel jewelry box will also make your trip easier: for example, if you take a plane, it is not advisable to wear your jewelry on you and you may be asked to remove it. To avoid this kind of trouble, simply put your jewelry in a small travel box and put this box in your hand luggage. This way you can keep your precious items with you without any problem.

You won't have any trouble organizing your jewelry once you arrive at your destination either: hotel rooms or other places where you may be staying rarely have places to store your jewelry, with a travel jewelry box, you will be able to store and organize your collection and have your favorite jewelry within sight when you get ready. And your necklaces and bracelets won't get tangled up and waste precious time.

Children and teenagers can also be concerned: it is not uncommon for parents, especially mothers, to have to put away the jewelry of young people and make sure that nothing is lost during the trip. However, if these young people had a travel jewelry box, these problems would be quickly solved! It would also be a way to empower them by showing them the importance of jewelry and explaining to them that they should keep it safe. Travel jewelry boxes are actually for everyone!

Finally, you should know that a travel jewelry box won't take up too much space. They come in many sizes and many are small enough to fit in your travel bag without taking up much space, even your purse. They also come in all shapes, round, square, rectangular... Larger boxes with many compartments if you are going away for a long time, for example to work or study abroad, are also available. There are also mini travel jewelry boxes or a small travel jewelry box specially designed for people who don't want to bring a lot of jewelry, for example if you just need to bring a set of jewelry that you want to wear at a party, the box will fit easily in your bag. Some boxes also have a small mirror, always handy when traveling!

If you don't know what material to choose, don't hesitate and go for a leather travel jewelry box, a solid material that will protect your jewelry as well as possible. PU leather, imitation leather or vegan leather are the best choices because, unlike real leather, they do not fear hot and humid places - as are often the places where we go on vacation. For its solidity, wood can also be an interesting choice.
What to put in your travel jewelry box ?
If you don't know what to take in your travel jewelry box, the following lines are for you!

First of all, there are the essentials to always have with you: the jewels that you wear every day, like for example a chain with a lucky charm, a bracelet that you never get rid of, the earrings that you wear regularly...

Then, do not forget to take jewelry if you think of going out during your trip, or during a weekend in love: plan jewelry matched with your clothes, for example gold jewelry will go perfectly with a black dress or silver jewelry if your dress is more colorful ... Do not hesitate to take dangling earrings that always make a certain effect in the evening.

Hair accessories are not left out when traveling either: hair clips, especially when decorated with precious stones, should be carried safely in your travel jewelry box. Then you can wear them during your stay without fear of losing them. You can also store your rubber bands, as they are always needed and easily lost.

If you are going to a family reunion, to a relative's birthday party, don't hesitate to take the jewelry that comes from these people: for example, a necklace offered by them or the brooch that your grandmother gave you. They'll be happy to see you wearing them and you won't have to worry about losing them.

Finally, if you're going away for a long time, opt for a travel box with lots of compartments for earrings and necklaces, so you can bring a lot of your personal jewelry with you!

A travel jewelry box is therefore an essential storage item to have, especially if you travel often. Not only will it keep your collection organized and tidy, but it will also reduce the stress of carrying precious jewelry.

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