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Wooden Watch Box

What could be better than a watch box made with wood to store your most precious Rolex or Swiss watches? Solid and durable, this storage will last over time. If you have a collection of automatic watches, an automatic watch winder is a better choice.

A wooden box to store your watches
There are watch boxes in many materials: leather, glass, velvet or even wood. The latter is perhaps the most interesting material, as wooden boxes are timeless, practical and solid storage. These wooden watch boxes are suitable for both women and men, and offer a wide range of choices, both in terms of design and size of the box.
Why choose a wooden watch box ?
A wooden watch box is the assurance of storing your watches in a classy and luxurious box. Wood, well cut and well carved, represents richness and elegance, and your watches will not be out of place and you will not have the impression of having a "cheap" storage, on the contrary. It also gives a warm side, which can contrast with the coldness of watches and give a very interesting effect!

Moreover, with a wooden watch box, you can be sure to own a timeless box: wooden boxes to store jewelry have existed for several centuries and even today are unanimously accepted. You can therefore keep your watch box for several years, without having to worry about trends or fashions. You can even give it to your children!

By choosing one of the most suitable wood species, you also make the choice of durability: it is a solid material that can last for centuries and keep its original state! You won't have to worry about the passage of time and the damage it can do to certain objects. And you'll save money by not having to buy a new watch box every five or ten years.

Finally, storing your watches in a wooden watch box is an aesthetic choice. Indeed, no material allows to highlight more the colors of your watches, the material in which they are built and the specificities of the dial and the second hand which turns in loop. An eye that looks at a wooden watch box will automatically focus on the black and gray details of your luxury watches!
A watch box made with wood that meets all your needs
It can be difficult to choose a watch box, but if wood is tempting you, know that you shouldn't hesitate! You're bound to find the wooden box that meets your needs.

First of all, you can find them in different colors: light wood, dark wood, or even wood that you can paint yourself, thus letting your artistic side and your creativity speak for itself. You can also have your box professionally engraved (a particularly interesting option if it is a gift). This way, you won't have trouble finding something that matches your furniture and personality.

Moreover, these wooden watch boxes exist for all collections: for the big ones, well compartmentalized, which require a lot of space, but also for the medium collections or if you are simply looking for a box to store your rare watches! So go for the one whose size suits you best.

In addition, some boxes made with wood are specially designed not to damage your furniture, with a light velvet fluff integrated into the outer surface. These precautions don't necessarily exist for all boxes, so this can be an advantage not to be overlooked.
Tips for maintaining a wooden watch box
If you opt for a nice wooden watch box, you have to take some parameters into account when it comes to maintenance. Wood is not the most complicated material to maintain, but you still need to take some precautions to preserve it over time.

To begin with, it is important not to expose your wooden box to the sun or humidity, as this can damage it. It is therefore better to place it in a dry and shady place, protected from UV rays.

Finally, if you want to clean your wooden tocante box, here are some tips. First of all, take out your watches and the velvet cushions. You can start by cleaning the small cushions by gently dabbing a mixture of two tablespoons of baking soda and a squeezed lemon, diluted with water. However, be careful not to rub so as not to spread the stains and not to get the cushions too wet. Then you can air dry them or dry them on a white towel (so they don't fade if they are not white and so they don't get dirty again if they are white).

While they are drying, you can take care of your wooden watch box: start by turning it over and shaking it gently, to knock off any dust that may have accumulated. Next, you can prepare soapy water by pouring a little liquid black soap into warm water. Then, soak a microfiber cloth in the mixture and wipe the cloth over the wood in the direction of the grain. Once the cleaning is done, rinse with a new cloth soaked in clear water. Be careful not to use too much water, which could damage the wood by soaking it. You can then use a dry cloth to remove the excess water.

Before putting the velvet cushions and your watch bands back in the box, make sure everything is dry: the wooden box, the cushions and the watches (if you have cleaned them as well).

This will make your wooden watch box look like new!

So, if you want to show off your watch collection, don't hesitate to opt for a wooden watch box, which by its simplicity and strength of character will not fail to make your timepieces stand out behind their transparent glass. This is the perfect watch box, suitable for everyone and for all chronographs (except perhaps for mechanical watches which need a watch winder) !

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