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Earring Holder

Are you tired of losing an earring in a drawer? Discover our earring holders that will allow you to store and admire them whenever you want on their jewelry holder! If your collection consists mainly of rings, you should opt for a ring holder that will be more suitable!

The earring holder is a jewelry holder only intended as its name indicates to store your earrings. There are all shapes, on foot, wall, and some can even serve as a decorative object.
How to choose your earring holder
There is a vast choice of earring holders on the market, that's why it's also difficult to find the earring storage that best suits your needs. And it's not always easy to find it. We will try to help you to see more clearly.
How to store your earrings ?
To find the storage that best suits your creoles, pendants or chips, this is the first question to ask. Indeed, you have to know where to start.

First, to help you organize your earrings, earrings or earcuff, you can start by sorting them. This sorting will allow you to make an inventory on the number of creoles, stud earrings or dangling earrings you have. You should know that depending on the collection of earrings you have the choice of jewelry storage will not be the same.

The main places on the earring holders are small holes in which you pass your earrings or studs. There are models with what are called grooves that allow you to hang your dangling earrings.
The best earring holders on the market
As we said earlier, there are many variations and we will help you find the best ones.
The earring holder on foot
This is the most common earring holder! Generally they are made of metal either gold or black and the support is often made of wood. The mixture of these two materials can make them very beautiful pieces of interior decoration.

If you don't like this mix, you can find earrings made of driftwood or walnut. Since wood has been used for thousands of years, we know that it is a sturdy material that will allow your storage to be very stable.

If your collection is very large and you don't have any space left on your dressing table, we have a solution for you.
The wall mounted earring holder
This type of storage is in our opinion the most functional and we'll explain why right away.

First of all, the wall-mounted jewelry holder is very easy to install, a small nail, a hammer, a wall and that's it. Secondly, they have a large number of compartments that allow you to place any type of earrings or earlines quickly and easily. No need to bother putting the earring in a tiny hole, especially in the morning when you're barely awake!

Finally, if you are still not convinced, and you like a touch of originality know that there are original earring holders. You can find them in the shape of a cloud, a cat or even a dolphin for little girls.

The originality can also be in the color as a pretty pink gold or gold. If you want something more authentic there are models in raw wood. Some models of wooden earrings holders are very large and have different storage. They will be perfect if you have a varied collection of earrings and not just the same style.

From now on you know the different models of earring holders and you know how to choose it according to your own needs. And if you also have a collection of rings or necklaces, don't panic, no matter what type of jewelry you have, there is bound to be a suitable jewelry holder like the models in our jewelry tree collection!

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