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Girls Jewelry Box

Looking for a beautiful jewelry box for a 1st collection of rings and earrings? The girl's jewelry box will be the perfect storage thanks to its medium size that allows you to organize a growing jewelry collection. If you like to wear makeup while choosing your jewelry set for the day, a mirror jewelry box will be perfect!

A girl's jewelry box for her rings, necklaces and earrings
What little girl hasn't looked at her mother's jewelry box with envy and dreamed of the moment when she could finally have her own? What girl hasn't seen her jewelry collection grow without the proper storage? A jewelry box for girls is therefore essential.
Choosing a jewelry box for girls
There are many occasions to offer a young girl her first jewelry box: baptism, birthday, party... However, it is not always easy to choose this first box!

First of all, you have to take into account the age of the girl in question and the number of jewels she owns: is she a teenager who needs to store her first precious jewels or a young girl who despairs of not having a place to store her numerous jewels?

If she is very young (under 10 years old), it is best to choose a small, easy to handle box with a soft interior and compartments for necklaces and bracelets. For a teenager, you should focus on a well-compartmented box, with a place for stud earrings and pendants, a place for a watch and why not also a small mirror. For a girl with a lot of jewelry, it is better to go for a jewelry box, with a lot of space to store earrings, studs and pendants, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. It's also best to go for leather for girls who are entering their teens, so they can keep their box for a long time.

However, age is not the only criterion, of course, you must also take into account the tastes of the girl. Does she like music? In that case, a musical jewelry box with a little dancer is the perfect choice. If she prefers animals, there are colorful boxes with little cats, foxes or owls. For girls who are a little older, a glittery jewelry box is always a popular option. And of course, if the girl doesn't like things too "girly", there are boxes with more neutral colors, such as blue, beige or white! Simpler but equally nice designs also exist, like a simple pink box or a more original box with a butterfly-shaped closing system for example.

Do not hesitate to take into account the colors of the room of the girl for whom the box is intended: indeed, a jewelry box is also a decorative object!
What to put in her first jewelry box ?
Once you have the box, you have to fill it! Some young women will already have enough jewelry to put in the compartments, but others, especially if it is their first jewelry box, may want to get new pieces. The question then arises: what should you put in your first jewelry box?

It is not uncommon in some families for the purchase of a gold chain and a bracelet with names and dates of birth engraved on it to be a rite of passage for a young girl. Thus, these two elements represent the first essentials in her jewelry box! Don't hesitate to add a personalized pendant to the chain, which reflects the personality of the girl: a little dancer for a sporty girl, a ladybug for a teenager who likes to walk in nature, a horse shoe for a young rider...

Then, you also need several types of earrings: stud earrings, of all colors and that go with all clothes, rings, small at the beginning then bigger when you reach adolescence, and even some rings. As you grow up, you can also get a signet ring, a gift for your 16th birthday for example, as many teenagers dream of!

Another type of jewelry, which we don't always think about but which can take up a lot of space: handmade jewelry! Often made of pearls, the construction of this jewelry allows each girl to express her creativity and leads to a fun and playful activity that a girl can share with her mother. Plus, it's also an opportunity to save on the jewelry budget.

As important exams approach, such as the brevet des collèges or the baccalauréat, don't hesitate to buy a watch either! There are so many to choose from that a young girl is bound to find one that best reflects her personality. Many jewelry boxes and cases have a special place reserved for watches!
How to store your jewelry ?
To take care of your jewelry, you must now store and maintain it carefully! The jewelry box is made to facilitate this task, as well as the few tips that follow.

First of all, you have to sort your jewelry by type: earrings (three piles: rings, studs, dangles), necklaces, bracelets, brooches, watches.

Then, it is important to store each piece of jewelry in its proper compartment: stud earrings, rings and brooches in the small rolls, necklaces on the hangers if the box has them, bracelets in the drawers and watches on the largest roll. Each piece of jewelry having its own place, they will not get tangled and will be easy to find.

Don't hesitate to put gold and other precious jewelry in an isolated place (for example, in a double bottom if your jewelry box has one). And if you opt for a jewelry box with drawers, don't hesitate to reserve one of the drawers for jewelry inherited from our grandmothers, which are often precious to young girls and need to be taken good care of.

Of course, you can adapt, there are no absolute rules for the storage of jewelry! You just have to make sure that the jewelry doesn't get stuck in a compartment that is not adapted to its size, or that the most often worn jewelry is in a place that is difficult to access.

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