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Jewelry Box

Discover the jewelry box to organize and take care of your rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. For an all-purpose model, the jewelry box for women is ideal ! If you want a storage with worked details, a wooden jewelry box will seduce you by its charm. For people who travel often, we can only recommend the travel jewelry case that will easily fit in a suitcase.

The jewelry box, the ultimate storage for your most beautiful ornaments
If you're always on the lookout for your favorite ring or a specific pair of earrings, perhaps you should opt for a jewelry box. Discover the different types of jewelry boxes to find out which one suits your needs!
What is a jewelry box?
The jewelry box is not very bulky, but it can hold many of your rings, necklaces or other beauty accessories. Its drawers and compartments act as a real organizer to take care and store your most precious jewelry. This concerns in particular the dust and oxidation which can attack the metal constituting your jewels and tarnish them, taking away their superb brilliance, or to avoid the shocks or to tangle your favorite necklaces at the bottom of a dresser. The jewelry box has known many forms and appearances since its conception in ancient Egypt. But it is safe to say that any storage box designed to hold jewelry and other pendants can be considered a jewelry box. Whatever the term used, jewelry box, jewelry storage or storage organizer, all these accessories have the same purpose and differ only in their appearance, size or time of design. Today, wooden jewelry boxes are usually equipped with a mirror and the bottom of their compartments is covered with a soft velvet to take care of your jewelry. The drawers allow you to organize your collection as you wish, so that you can always find your way around when choosing which pair of earrings to wear, or which necklace will perfectly match your outfit. Obviously, a large leather jewelry box will be more likely to receive a large quantity of accessories, and your bracelets, watches and other costume jewelry will find their place more easily than in a small jewelry box. This type of model will ideally be accompanied by a jewelry holder to store larger pieces, or a watch box for your favorite watches.
Why choose a jewelry box?
Jewelry storage has always been very important to jewelry lover and other charms that possess value, whether sentimental or financial. From the earliest designs that looked more like treasure chests, jewelry storage was primarily for the safety of expensive pieces rather than the preservation of the quality. Today, jewelry storage is based on compartmentalization and keeping order, rather than security and protection of jewelry sets. Although some models have a latch or locking system, it is rare that modern jewelry boxes have a tamper-proof locking mechanism, as they are usually kept in safe houses these days. However, the jewelry storage method you choose is important when buying and collecting antique and vintage jewelry, especially if your jewelry contains precious stones, such as emerald, sapphire or diamond. While some stones are not affected, there are some gemstones, such as amethyst, jadeite, quartz and opals, that should not be stored or frequently exposed to direct sunlight and heat. For owners of these stones, jewelry boxes are an attractive way to preserve the quality of their unique gems while serving as general storage. In short, the more valuable your jewelry is, the more necessary a jewelry box is. It's also a great decorative accessory at a relatively modest price to add a small refined touch to your room for example.
Which jewelry box to choose?
When you want to get a nice and modern jewelry box, you have to take in consideration some essential factors that will allow you to choose the right model! How much jewelry do you own? First of all, you will have to make an inventory of all your rings, earrings and other bracelets and necklaces in order to be able to efficiently size your future jewelry box design! You will also have to ask yourself how to arrange them in order to avoid rubbing or tangling long gold chain necklaces. If you have a large number of rings, you will have to choose a jewelry storage that has enough velvet pads to store your rings, wedding rings and signet rings. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of bracelets, a large jewelry box with compartmentalized drawers will be ideal! Finally, if your wardrobe is mostly composed of long necklaces and pendants, you will have to turn to a jewelry cabinet or a large jewelry box, a storage that offers vertical or shelved space, or even a jewelry display! Also, it will be relevant to opt for a chest covered with velvet inside. This very soft material makes it a real jewelry box to receive and protect your most beautiful jewels and diamonds! No more dull gold rings or orphan earrings, your pearls and tiaras will be safe in their secure storage to avoid scratches, shocks or falls.

Secondly, the choice of a jewelry box will be based on its design and finishes. Choosing a jewelry box that matches the design and decor of your home or living space will make it a true decorative object in its own right! If you are a fan of Victorian design, for example, a wooden jewelry box decorated with details or engravings will blend in perfectly with your interior decoration. Others are looking for a more luxurious, more refined finish: leather or faux leather is an alternative to consider for a modern and elegant interior. As you can see, buying a jewelry box for your precious jewelry is not something to be done on a whim, but requires a logical and practical reflection in order to be sure to make the best choice!
Wooden jewelry box
There are great jewelry boxes made of metal or leather, but if you are looking for a model that keeps your jewelry collection safe, choose a wooden box. Well-treated wood prevents moisture from accumulating, which in turn prevents your precious jewelry from oxidizing and losing its shine. It should also be noted that a wooden jewelry box also offers a slight insulation to your gold rings and necklaces. Moreover, wood has a nice natural finish and will give a deep and rich color to your wooden jewelry box. Don't hesitate to choose a storage box made of oak, poplar or walnut wood to add a touch of class to your original jewelry collection. Otherwise, raw wood naturally has a certain charm and will be just as capable of keeping your jewelry safe. Some models of wooden jewelry boxes have a lid with engravings, such as roses, lilies or lotus. These engravings add charm to your jewelry box by making it a little more unique than it is.

The interior of the wooden jewelry box is as usual covered with soft velvet to protect your silver rings, gold necklaces and chains or your long necklaces. The drawers are often equipped with brass handles to bring solidity to the whole, as well as the hinges which allow to open the jewelry box. Some models of jewelry boxes are equipped with a transparent glass or Plexiglas window depending on the model. This allows you to showcase your collection of necklaces, pendants or chains that will take place on the hooks provided for. You can therefore use your jewelry storage box to decorate your living room, while preventing your child from rummaging through your large collection of jewelry thanks to the lock to close with keys, and thus avoid access to your little treasures.
Leather jewelry box
This model of jewelry organizer also has a certain charm, and provides a feeling of luxury, of a high-end product. The box is mainly made of MDF, a medium density pressed wood made of wood fibers and a synthetic resin binder. This type of wood panel is very often used in furniture and interior decoration, because it is easy to work and allows to give nice shapes to the storage. Thus, it becomes easy to cover the surface of the jewelry box with leather or rather imitation leather (vegan leather). Indeed, at Box-of-Jewelry™ we support the animal cause, and therefore do not market products made from real leather, thus animal skin. The interior of the wooden box is made in a classic way, with bungs to store your rings, hooks that act as necklace and jewelry holders or drawers to place your bracelets, brooches, tiaras, costume jewelry, etc...

Thanks to the use of decorative MDF, the leather jewelry box can take on original shapes! It becomes easy to create a round compartment that slides or swivels to reveal slots to store signet rings or rings. The interior is of course made of velvet-like fabric to take care of your jewelry! All your jewelry will fit easily in a pink leather jewelry box that can store a large number of jewelry pieces. In addition, you can easily opt for a box in black imitation leather, red leather or beige leather, many models are available for a women and girls.
Modern jewelry box
This type of jewelry case offers you the possibility to store your most beautiful jewelry and show them off on your dressing table! In addition to having extra-large compartments, this large jewelry box can accommodate some of your makeup. Equipped with a mirror or a small travel jewelry box in addition, this pretty jewelry box is ultra practical and accessible. Everything is there, whether it is a necklace holder, an earring display, a ring case, your most beautiful and dearest jewels will proudly take pride of place! The drawers and large compartments also allow you to store your lipsticks, nail polish or any other makeup accessory: brushes, eyeshadow, tweezers, blush... enough to put on your makeup in peace in front of the large mirror of your beautiful jewelry box. A stand is usually provided to hold your makeup set by the way.

These jewelry displays also offer a great decorative alternative to the classic metal storage box. The creative details and embellishments of this type of jewelry box will be very appreciated by girls so they can store their children's jewelry, but also by women who are looking for an elegant and atypical box. The bright colors, such as pink, red or purple will bring cheerfulness in your child's room. In short, if you are looking for originality, space and affordability, you should seriously consider the original jewelry box.
Travel jewelry case
Who has never gone on vacation, or simply on a weekend taking some jewelry with him and coming back with an orphaned earring, or a ring forgotten on the beach, buried in the sand? Thanks to the small travel jewelry box, you can take your favorite jewelry sets with you and keep them safe during your stay! Compact, the travel jewelry box does not lack space for a few rings, earrings and two or three necklaces. Enough to dress up as you wish for your evenings at the restaurant, or social evening. Covered in synthetic leather, equipped with velvet and a zipper closure, the jewelry box girl will easily slip into a handbag or suitcase alongside your vanity-case. Small hooks act as necklace holders, holes will receive your earrings and slots in the velvet pudding will keep your wedding ring and other rings safe! Some models also have a mirror to contemplate your pair of earrings on you, or to proceed to a quick make-up touch. Removable compartments can also be moved to adapt the size of your travel jewelry box: take your bracelets, brooches and other watches. In other words, this type of small jewelry box makes a great gift idea, especially for little girls who want to do what mom did with her big jewelry box on her dressing table.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of jewelry storage options to suit your tastes and needs! Feel free to browse through our dedicated collections to discover all our beautiful jewelry boxes.

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