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Small Jewelry Box

Small but optimized and with plenty of storage, this type of jewelry storage is a must-have for any jewelry collection! And if the small jewelry box isn't enough for you, check out our large jewelry boxes that should easily accommodate all your diamonds and gems.

Small boxes for jewelry can be very practical, and, depending on your collection, they may be more suitable than a large box.
Advantages of a small jewelry box
One of the main advantages of a small jewelry box is, everyone probably knows it, that it doesn’t take a lot of space. So, this makes it the perfect storage system if you live in a small place, or if you already have a lot of things in your bedroom/bathroom. Not only is it not practical to have a big box in a cramped room, it’s also not very pretty and can easily become annoying. A small box can be the perfect choice to avoid these problems!

Another important thing about having a jewelry box small is the possibility to travel with it! It’s the best way to be able to take your jewelry with you on vacation, or on a business trip, without fearing to lose it and without the burden of carrying a big and bulky jewelry box!

Finally, a small box for jewelry is also the perfect type of storage for people who don’t own a lot of jewelry. Some people only have two or three pairs of earrings and about the same number of necklaces and bracelets, and if you’re part of these people, you know that we still need to store them. In this case, a small jewelry box easily becomes the best choice. And it’s the same if you do have a lot of jewelry, but you want a separate box from your usual one when it comes to precious jewelry inherited from your grandmother, for example.
How to choose your small jewelry box?
If your mind is set on buying a small jewelry box, all you have to do now is to choose one. This choice is yours, but it may be important for you to know these boxes exist in all styles! You can choose a small wooden jewelry box, or a velvet one, depending on your preference. You can also opt for a small mirror jewelry box, very practical for traveling. All colors are available too, so don’t hesitate to choose one who goes well with your bedroom, or one in your favorite color!
How to organize a small jewelry box?
Once you have your box with you, you can start storing your jewelry! The first thing you need to do is to clean them, with a bit of soap and warm water for your jewelry made of gold or argent, and with a simple wipe with a soft cloth for your leather jewelry. And just make sure that everything is dry before putting them in the box. Now you can put your necklaces in the places reserved for necklaces, earrings in the earring compartments, etc.

This moment of storage can also be the occasion for sorting your jewelry: for example, you can get rid of your broken necklaces, or your plastic jewelry from when you were a kid… If you never wear them and don’t plan on doing it, don’t hesitate to donate or sell them!

Finally, you can also opt for two (or more) small jewelry boxes if you want to have a different box for each type of jewelry! This organization can be very interesting if you have a lot of jewelry.

As you can see, a lot of reasons can justify the use of a small jewelry box!

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Lisa founder at box-of-jewelry
"What could be better than a small jewelry box to always have your favorite rings and earrings with you?"
Box-of-jewelry the specialist to organize all your jewels
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