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Modern Jewelry Box

Whether you are extroverted or more discreet, a modern jewelry box does not leave indifferent! All your jewelry pieces will fit easily thanks to the many storage spaces that this jewelry box has. For the little ones, opting for a kids jewelry box will undoubtedly be a better choice.

An eye-catching jewelry storage
You don't want a classic jewelry box? Want something you don't see everywhere? Original jewelry boxes are for you! A particular and different leather, new colors, fun decorations... It's all there!
A jewelry box to get out of the ordinary
Of course, there is nothing wrong with loving classic jewelry boxes, but it's always nice to know that there are also more original choices! Choosing an original jewelry box means choosing a storage that matches your image, a modern jewelry box that looks like you.

Of course, an original jewelry box covers many types of boxes, so let's quickly try to think about what can make the originality of a jewelry box. First of all, the color. Black, brown and white jewelry boxes are legion, but it's rarer to find fuchsia pink, red or purple jewelry boxes for example! Glitter jewelry boxes are also quite rare, yet there are different kinds. So you can choose to go for these colors that you don't see everywhere and make a unique choice!

The shapes can also be a criterion of originality! Most jewelry boxes are square or rectangular, sometimes round, but there are other shapes like the heart shape! For romantics, or for a Valentine's Day gift, this is the perfect choice. You can also prefer jewelry boxes in the shape of a suitcase or tree leaves... Some shapes that we can't even imagine are quite available for jewelry boxes.

The material of your jewelry storage can also be original: for example, if you choose quilted leather, you opt for an option that gives a feeling of softness and femininity that is not necessarily found in other materials! Handcrafted wood is also a material that is out of the ordinary and can give very nice designs.

Other elements can reflect your desire for originality: a jewelry box with a display case for example or a jewelry box with a bow tie closing system, ideal if you like girly things!
A jewelry organizer for an original gift
A jewelry box is the perfect gift when you don't know what to give a girl! For example, if you have to buy a surprise for a girl who invited your child to her birthday party, or for your nieces that you don't see often... You can be sure that this gift will be appreciated!

For the people closest to you, this gift can also be perfect. You can choose to surprise your daughter with an original jewelry box that reflects her personality, showing her that you care about what she likes! This treasure chest can also be a gift for her sister or best friend to celebrate a birthday or for Christmas for example.

Mother's Day is also the perfect occasion! Whatever her age, your mother will appreciate this gift that will allow her to store the many pieces of jewelry she owns.

You can also offer a jewelry box at a wedding, the wife will be delighted and you can accompany it with a watch box for the husband! You can also match the colors of these boxes, to allow the spouses to make decorative objects, or customize each box to make an original model to offer to bridesmaids!

For a baby shower, if you know that your friends are going to have a little girl, you can also opt for a jewelry box! Of course, the child won't be able to use it right away, but she will be happy to have it when the time comes, and you will know that you have offered her the first jewelry box of her life! So don't hesitate to go for an original girl's jewelry box.
Jewelry boxes to reflect your personality
Whether you want to bring out a specific personality trait through your original jewelry box or find a jewelry box that reflects your overall energy, there are so many jewelry storage options that are out of the ordinary that there is no doubt you will find what you are looking for !

If you're an avid reader, or want to give a gift to someone who reads a lot, you may want to look into a book-shaped jewelry box! A jewelry box like this is not only out of the ordinary, but it's also a real decorative item that will perfectly complement a room filled with real books like a library, and can also be used to play little jokes by letting people think the box is a book too! It can even prevent some jewelry thefts...who knows !

For music fans, there are also original jewelry boxes that are just right: for classical music fans, a musical jewelry box, which will allow you to hear Beethoven or Tchaikovsky while admiring your jewelry, is the perfect choice. Rock and punk music fans are not left out either: there are jewelry boxes decorated with studs, in red, black or even pink !

Another kind of original jewelry box is a jewelry box that doubles as a makeup box! This is an ingenious storage for girls who have a lot of jewelry and makeup but not necessarily a lot of space.

For the more gothic styles, there are black jewelry boxes with a blue velvet interior, a color combination that you don't see every day and that will definitely make an impact !

The defenders of the animal cause will also find their happiness by heading towards jewelry boxes decorated with animals and made of vegan leather for their greatest pleasure!

Here are some examples but there are still many other types of original jewelry boxes... So don't hesitate to opt for a modern jewelry box that is out of the ordinary !

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Lisa founder at box-of-jewelry
"If you like to assert your personality and your style, the original jewelry box represents the good compromise between simplicity and extravagance"
Box-of-jewelry the specialist to organize all your jewels
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