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Watch Box

Are you a watches lover but don't know where to store them? The watch box is probably the ideal storage for your most beautiful watches and timepieces. If you have several automatic watches, we recommend an automatic watch winder to keep them always wound. Otherwise a watch box for men will be very elegant to take care of them.

A box to store your automatic or quartz watches
A watch box or case is a type of storage that we don't always think about. However, it is often an essential storage! Whether you're a woman or a man, whether you have a lot of watches or just a few, we all need a place to store our precious watches and keep them safe!
What you should know before buying a watch box
First of all, what is the purpose of a watch box? It is easy to understand from the name: it is to store your watches, whether they are mechanical, automatic or even quartz. However, we don't always think about all the options this box can offer!

To begin with, this box allows you to protect your watches, especially against dust or humidity. Watches are quite fragile objects, which must be kept in a healthy environment, that is to say dry, temperate and away from the sun. The small velvet cushions in the box keep the watches separate and prevent them from touching each other, thus avoiding scratches or splinters on the dial or the glass, something that is not necessarily avoided in a classic jewelry box.

Moreover, by storing your watch in a box, you are sure not to lose it! It is not uncommon that you don't remember where you put your watch, or even that you know it is in a full jewelry box and you don't want to empty it... With a box specially made for watches, these problems will no longer exist.

The watch box also considerably reduces the risk of being stolen! That someone does not hesitate to grab a Rolex or Seiko from a table or a shelf is unfortunately a problem that we sometimes encounter. However, it is likely that the thief will not dare to open a watch box, especially by risk of being noticed!

Finally, a watch box is also a decorative object! With its transparent glass (found on most watch boxes), this box allows you to display your collection and admire it without letting yourself be seen.

These boxes come in many different styles, of course, and you're sure to find the box that best suits your personality and decor. The following lines are actually here to help you choose.
Finding the right watch box for your needs
To begin with, it is important to note that if you have an automatic watch, it is best to choose an automatic watch box, such as a watch winder: they are specially designed to keep your watch up to date and working even when you are not wearing it on your wrist.

When choosing your watch storage box, there are several things to consider. First of all, the size of your collection and the number of men's or women's watches you want to store in the box: there are storage boxes with only two slots, ideal if you don't have many watches, and boxes with up to ten slots! If you have a large collection, and want to display it, don't hesitate to opt for a large box. And if you only have one piece, you can very well choose a jewelry box, because many jewelry boxes offer a dedicated space for a watch!

Also take into account the person for whom the watch box is intended, because there are all types of boxes: women's watch box, men's watch box ... If it is a gift, this parameter can help you choose!

The type of clasp is another element that should not be overlooked: the most common is the steel latch clasp, practical and simple. But you can also choose to go for a key lock and go for safety, especially for your most expensive and luxurious watches!

Once you know which size and lock is right for you, you can decide on the design and style you want: maybe you want a modern square box or a medium-sized rectangular box that you can take with you everywhere? Different materials are available too! Leather and wood boxes are the most popular, for their elegance and class. Note that you can't go wrong with your choice: a watch box is always a luxurious, trendy and elegant object, so just choose the model that speaks to you the most!
How to store your watches ?
Here are some tips on how to store your watches in the best way!

First of all, before storing your watch, it may be interesting to clean it. To begin with, if you wear it often, don't hesitate to wipe it down with a soft cloth after each day, just like you do with glasses! And if you need to do some real cleaning, you'll need a microfiber cloth, a toothpick, wipes and a toothbrush. If you can, start by removing the bracelet (if it's complicated, leave it on). Then, you can wipe the glass of your watch with a wipe. The toothpick is there to help you with the less accessible tasks such as the small notches around the stainless steel face: if you have to use it, rub gently to avoid scratching. Then you can wipe with the cloth. The toothbrush is used to clean the bracelet: if your bracelet is made of steel, do not hesitate to wet your toothbrush with soapy water - be careful not to get the watch wet - and wipe with a dry cloth. If your strap is made of leather, a light scrubbing with a dry toothbrush should be enough. However, if it is the inside of the dial that is dirty, it is better to contact a professional such as a watchmaker, who will know how to dismantle and clean the watch without risking to break it. And yes, watchmaking is a real profession that requires precision and meticulousness!

Then, once your watches are clean, you can start putting them away. Place them all in front of you and ask yourself which ones you want to display, which ones you wear often, and which ones you might want to store in a safe.

Once you know which ones you want to put in your watch box, you can start placing them! You have to be careful to leave space between the watches to avoid contact: normally the slots are made for that, but if you ever chose a classic jewelry box and want to put several watches on the same cushion, you have to be careful.

Now that your watches are stored, you can add silica gel packets for extra protection against humidity.

Finally, it's important to keep in mind that a watch is meant to be worn, so don't hesitate to wear even your rarest watches once or twice a year to make sure they're working properly!

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