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Watch Winder

Within the various watch box, the watch winder stands out! This luxurious object is a must for those who own several automatic watches to keep them turned Otherwise, discover the watch box for men, sober and sufficient for quartz watches.

Keep your watch on time with a watch winder !
An automatic watch winder is a luxury item, a classy object, which allows you to store your watches and keep them in good condition! Indeed, an automatic watch has a precision mechanism equipped with a rotor that rotates under the effect of the wrist movements, and which in turn drives a spring allowing the automatic winding of this type of watches. Thanks to an automatic watch winder, you will be able to keep them up to date and in good condition without even wearing them daily!
How does a watch winder work ?
A watch winder is a watch case equipped with a motorized mechanism that simulates the movement of the wrist to keep a watch continuously wound. Most of our watch winders are equipped with Japanese Mabuchi motors, a manufacturer known for its precision electronics. Yes, not everyone knows it, especially the neophyte who receives his first watch of this kind, but this style of watches, when it is no longer worn, will quickly stop working! It is therefore necessary to wear it regularly on your wrist so that it remains constantly up to date. For collectors who simply cannot wear them all every day, a watch winder will avoid this problem and will imitate the wearing of a watch on the forearm thanks to its swinging movements.

By simulating the movement of the wrist, the motorized watch winder gives your watch the impression that it is always being worn and thus it continues to be up to date in all its programs: time, date, lunar calendar... So all the options you have on your watch will not need to be updated!

The watch winder also helps to distribute the oil in the watch: it can stagnate and dry out when the watch is not in motion for a long time, and therefore loses its fluidity and precision. It is therefore important to avoid this problem and to keep the watch moving even when it is not being worn.

A watch winder also provides a place to store your favorite chronograph so that you don't have to worry about the environment in which it is stored, or that it will get damaged while you are not wearing it. This prevents dust from settling in the corners of the dial and interfering with the movement of the second hand when stored in the open air or scratching the watch glass, even if it is made of sapphire, which is more resistant!

A watch winder is therefore an essential item for all owners of mechanical watches!
How to use a watch winder
An automatic watch winder is very easy to use: just put in batteries or plug it in (depending on your watch winder system) and place the watch in its defined location, usually a soft velvet cushion about the diameter of a wrist. Since a winder looks like a watch box, it's not hard to figure out where to put your watch!

Once the watch band is in place and the winder is on, the mechanism in the box starts to simulate the movement of the wrist when walking for example: the watch then swings gently and delicately at a slow pace. The watch is then recharged by turning on itself. These systems for winding watches generally have several programs, adapted to the recommendations of the various watch manufacturers. Do not hesitate to ask your watchmaker for some advice to choose your model!

This way, your watch will feel like it is still on your wrist and will continue to live, the time and its functions will continue to work and you will not have to worry about not wearing it continuously!

However, it is not necessary to keep your watch running all the time, on the contrary, it is important to take breaks from time to time: a short thirty-minute break every two or three hours, for example. In principle, this system is automatic according to the selected program.
How to choose a watch winder ?
To choose your watch winder, you need to take several parameters into account.

First of all, do you have many automatic watches? Do you wear one permanently? If you have several that you don't wear or wear only occasionally, it's best to go for a watch winder that can hold several watches. There are watches winders with up to eight slots, but that's mostly for collectors. Generally, two slots are more than enough!

Next, consider the programs offered: for a collector, it's important to choose the most accurate functions possible, but for your first watch winder or if you only have two or three automatic watches, it's best to choose a simple, easy-to-use winder. Most watches don't need a special option anyway, except for luxury watches.

You also have to decide between a battery-operated or a mains-operated system: the advantage of the battery-operated system is that you can take your watch winder anywhere and you can place it in any place (for example in a safe if you want to keep your watch safe), even if there is no power outlet near it.

On the other hand, it's best to choose a soft interior, which will protect your watch and its band as well as possible and keep them in a suitable environment.

Finally, a watch winder is also an aesthetic element! It is a classy and luxurious object, high end, which allows you to store your watch and keep it alive, but which can also be part of your decoration. So don't hesitate to choose an elegant model, for example in wood or black leather, which will go with everything and bring a touch of class to your home. Watch winders with transparent glass are also the most popular, as they allow you to admire your watch at any time! And as we all know, a watch is an object of great beauty, which should not be denied to admire, especially if it is a Rolex.

So you have to take all these elements into account when choosing your watch winder and to be able to keep your mechanical watch in impeccable condition!

An automatic watch winder is, as we can see, an indispensable type of storage for manual watch enthusiasts. It is the best way to keep your pocket cuckoo clock in good working order and not to risk damaging it. It is also the best way to combine aesthetics and practicality! So, if you have a mechanical watch, don't hesitate!

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