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Kids Jewelry Box

Because children often want to imitate their parents, the kids jewelry box is the perfect storage for their costume jewelry! This way, they won't rummage around in your box anymore. Discover our leather jewelry boxes for more elaborate and classy models.

A jewelry storage for the little ones
Every child wants to play with jewelry and carry it around with them. And no parent wants to see those toy jewels lying around and risking getting lost or damaged - or even worse, risking stepping on them and getting hurt. Well, both of these desires can be met with jewelry boxes for kids!
When to give a first jewelry box ?
We don't necessarily think of offering a jewelry box to a very young child, however, it is never too early!

The jewelry box can for example be the perfect gift for the baptism of a child, especially if this child has jewelry from birth, such as a small bracelet, or if a traditional jewelry is offered at the baptism. And even if the child doesn't have any jewelry yet, it's very likely that a little girl will start wanting some so she can play princess at the age of 2 or 3! If she already has a jewelry box or chest, she'll be all the happier. And parents won't have to worry too much about jewelry lying around!

Giving a jewelry box for a child can also have an educational purpose: as a parent, you can take the opportunity to explain to your child the value of precious objects, the importance of storing their belongings properly, of not losing them and of not damaging them... And if you give your child jewelry that belongs to you or that belonged to your ancestors, it's also an opportunity to tell them about your family history!
What type of jewelry storage should I choose for my child ?
To know what to choose, the most important thing for a child's jewelry box is above all that it is made of a solid material that is not likely to break in case of a fall, because it is obvious that a child will want to play with it. It is therefore preferable to use leather and a soft interior. It should also be easy to open and close, preferably with a snap or zipper. And when the child grows up (around 7-8 years old), a steel latch is welcome, the child will have the impression of owning a small safe and will have a lot of fun.

Then, of course, you have to choose a box that will please your little girl: a musical jewelry box with a little dancer or a princess for example, in general at this age it never fails. You can also choose a jewelry box to decorate with small stickers that she can stick herself on the box, giving her the opportunity to express her creativity. There are also unicorn jewelry boxes, which make many little girls dream, or with cute little animals. Simple pink or white boxes can also please some!

The compartments are also important: choose jewelry boxes with compartments big enough for the little ones, because the jewelry for children are often quite big to avoid that they swallow them, and with rolls to be able to store the rings without damaging them. For older children, especially if the little girl has pierced ears, look for boxes with spaces to store stud earrings and pendants. A small drawer can also be very useful when the jewelry collection starts to get large.

As for the shape, round or rectangular, it's up to you !
Which jewelry for children to choose ?
Of course, children don't wear the same jewelry as adults, especially when they are very small. However, that doesn't mean that jewelry is absent from their lives. For example, a little girl will surely ask for jewelry in her early years to play princess or to be like her mom. In this case, there are plastic jewels created especially for young children: clip-on earrings that do not require pierced ears, plastic rings that are big enough not to be dangerous... You should also choose jewels that do not hinder children's movements and that are not likely to break at the slightest movement

If your child is a boy, jewelry is not to be excluded either! Leather bracelets, silver chains... The choices are numerous !

You can also give your toddler, when he is already teething and old enough to eat, candy necklaces or bracelets! Of course, you shouldn't leave them in a jewelry box for too long, but these candies can be used as a demonstration on how to treat his jewelry! And it will please the greedy children.

If you have used a pregnancy bola (that little ball that makes bell-like noises when it rolls), you can give it as a gift to your little girl, or even your son, when they are old enough to understand what it is. It's a gift that will further bond a mother to her children and make them very happy.

And if you ever give your child gold or silver jewelry, as it can happen for the first birthdays, do not hesitate to go for adjustable sizes, which will allow your little girl, or little boy, to wear this jewelry for a long time. Don't hesitate to personalize them either, with the child's name for example or their astrological sign...

In fact, the most important thing is that the jewels do not represent any danger for the child, but if not there are a lot of jewels to offer to the little ones! And all these objects will be safe only in a jewelry box created for this purpose. Say goodbye to the regrets of having lost his childhood jewelry and hello to the memories that you can pass on from generation to generation !

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Lisa founder at box-of-jewelry
"Thanks to a children's jewelry box, my daughter no longer rummages through my jewelry storage box! "
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