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Necklace Holder

The necklace holder is the item to have on your dressing table if you have a nice and large collection of necklaces, pendants and other chains. No more tangled chains with this jewelry display. If you want a storage that will decorate your room like a painting, then a wall jewelry organizer will be perfect!

A necklace holder is a jewelry holder that can accommodate a large number of necklaces, pendants or chains. There are differents models on the market today, but the main ones are either free-standing or wall-mounted. We will help you to see more clearly, but first the question that we have all asked:
How to store your necklaces ?
You have accumulated a beautiful collection of necklaces, with fragile pearls, small gold pieces or long necklaces that get tangled up as soon as you want to wear them?

The first step is to sort through them, it will allow you to see more clearly, to put your favorite jewels together, and to clean some pieces. And maybe at the same time offer to your daughter the jewelry you don't want to use anymore!

Don't neglect this step as it will save you time when you put the pieces away. Once you have put your favorite necklaces on one side, the small chains, the long necklaces and the pearl necklaces together, your sorting is over!

Now it's time to move on to the most important step of all, because if you don't do it right, you'll have to start all over again in a few weeks because your jewelry will be tangled and messy again.

There are different types of solutions:

Make your own necklace storage with paper towel rolls or even toilet paper.
Use a jewelry box for necklaces if you want to protect them from dust
Or simply choose a nice necklace holder to have them within reach.
Choose a necklace holder adapted to your collection
To make the right choice, you need to know your needs to choose the right necklace holder for you! If you have small chains, a jewelry tree can suffice. Indeed, its small size will be placed without difficulty on one of your furniture and your necklaces will be stored on the branches of the latter.

On the other hand, if you have beautiful pieces of jewelry that can be very long or heavy, you need more specific necklace storage.
The wall-mounted necklace holder
The wall-mounted necklace holder is the most suitable for long necklaces, especially when they are heavy at the same time. Indeed, this type of support is easy to install: a small nail, a hammer, a wall and that's it!

These models are not only used for necklaces and it is very practical when you collect different types of jewelry. Generally, it is a grid with lots of little holes and compartments on which you can store your small necklaces and even earrings. For heavier necklaces or pendants, there are steel hooks attached to the wall-mounted jewelry holder that allow you to let your necklaces hang.

You will not be limited by the height since you choose directly where you want to install it according to your needs!

If you can't or don't want to drill your wall, don't panic, there is always a solution to a problem. You just have to choose a necklace holder on foot.
Jewelry necklace holders on stand
As we have seen with the wall mounted jewelry holder we are not limited by the height. On the other hand, with a necklace holder on feet, when you buy it, pay attention to the height. Indeed, if you have long necklaces, you will have to choose a high enough jewelry holder so that it can be hung and not get tangled. That's all we expect from this type of jewelry storage.

Then you have the choice, you choose according to your taste. There are necklace holders made of raw wood and even driftwood. The latter can be combined with a very modern Scandinavian interior! If you don't like this material, you can turn to a metal model. Here again, you can choose from gold or black metal.

If you like originality you will also find your happiness. There are jewelry holders in the shape of a woman, a pyramid and even a cloud to hang your necklaces easily and quickly!

At box-of-jewelry, we strive to offer you the most trendy models of the moment, but above all they are functional and adapted to your needs. Whether it is for you or a gift to offer, this type of jewelry storage will always please because they are versatile and will allow you to no longer find your necklaces and even your bracelets tangled! For smaller bracelets, don't hesitate to consult our dedicated collection of bracelet holders adapted for watches as well.

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