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Watch Holder

With its velvet covered flanges, this type of jewelry holder will be perfectly adapted to receive your few watches that you wear every day. For those who have earrings and other dangling jewelry, a jewelry tree is the ideal compromise!

Using a watch holder is a very useful way to store your watch collection and to keep your watches in their best conditions.

Why should we use a watch holder?
Maybe you are currently hesitating between a watch box or a watch holder, or maybe you just discovered the existence of a watch holder. If this is the case, the following lines may help you to make a choice!

A useful storage system 
If you have a lot of watches, or even if you have more than one or don’t wear the one you own often, a watch holder is the best way to keep your watches safe and stored. It’s also a very practical system if you don’t want to use something as bulky as a watch box and if you don’t want the box to take too much space. So, a watch holder stand may be the best option for you!

A classy way to display your watches 
A watch holder is also a very elegant and classy way to display your watches: you will be able to admire them and to show your collection to other people. After all, a watch is a magnificent object, it’s made to be admired! At the same time, it will bring a lot of refinement in your room (bedroom, living room…) and it will add a nice touch to your decoration!
The perfect gift
Furthermore, it is important to note that a watch holder can be the perfect gift for a birthday, for Christmas or any other occasion. It can be for everyone: watch holder for men are the most common, and it’s a great idea when we all know it’s hard to know what to give a man, and it’s different from the usual tie or wine bottle, it’s original! It can also be for women with a great collection or for young people because they need a place to store their watch too, and it can be a good way to teach them the importance of tidying their valuables!

Where to keep your watch holder 
If you have a watch holder, you may not know where to keep it. So, here’s some advice! Firstly, it’s important to avoid humid and dusty places, so you will be sure that your watches stay clean. It’s also better to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, especially if your watch holder is made of wood, because the color could change, but also, because it’s always better to not expose your watches to such light. But atmospheric considerations aren’t the only important factor, a watch holder is a beautiful object, so don’t hesitate to put it in a place where everyone can admire your collection!

As you can see, a watch holder is very practical to store your watches and it’s also a very pleasant storage system for the eyes. If you have a lot of watches and want to be able to admire them, it’s the best option for you.

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Lisa founder at box-of-jewelry
"The ideal storage to have your watches within reach if you have a collection of entry-level watches"
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