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Velvet Jewelry Box

Certainly the most emblematic jewelry storage, the velvet jewelry box remains a must-have in jewelry! This model that will please the greatest number of people cohabits very well with a jewelry box for women for example.

A soft case for your jewelry
Velvet is always associated with jewelry. Whether in movies or in real life, velvet is never far away when you see a necklace, a ring... We all think of those marriage proposals when a man kneels down and takes out a little velvet box, or when in a jewelry store the saleswoman prepares a package, or when you open a birthday present but you must first open a velvet box to discover the Holy Grail! So it seems natural to turn to velvet when looking for a box or case to store your precious jewelry.
A velvet jewelry box, the must of elegance
Aesthetically, a velvet jewelry box is a safe choice that everyone can agree on. Velvet is elegance, class. It is both modern and timeless. For a woman, it is the material that evokes softness but also sensuality, luxury. It is also a material that is pleasant to the touch and that one cannot help but admire.

If you choose a velvet jewelry box, it will not only become the ideal place to store your collection but also a real decorative object! These velvet boxes come in all colors, pink, gray, black or green... This is your chance to match your box to your curtains, your wallpaper, or even the paint on your walls. A touch of velvet in a room, it is elegance and good taste assured.

Velvet is also a less expensive material than you might think, so you can have a beautiful box at a lower cost.

And above all, your collection couldn't be in a better place than in this soft velvet jewelry storage !
Velvet, the best option to protect your jewelry
As said before, jewelry is always associated with velvet. In a jewelry store, they always rest on velvet as a bust display, or protected in their box after purchase as well. And this is of course not without reason.

Indeed, for its softness, velvet is the perfect material on which to place your jewelry. Velvet does not attack fragile materials and does not risk scratching or breaking the most sensitive jewelry. And even if, by misfortune, your box were to fall, the jewels stored inside should not suffer the consequences, which is a certain advantage! This resistance and great protection can also make it a jewelry box of choice for young girls who are not yet used to handling precious objects.

Moreover, a velvet jewelry box will keep your luxurious pieces well in place, be it necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Your rings will also be the most advantageous: there are velvet jewelry boxes with so many rings that they can be considered as ring boxes! So if you have a lot of rings, don't hesitate.

Velvet is also a material that makes the jewelry box easy to handle, and it often has removable compartments that will give the impression of a double bottom and allow you to place your most precious and expensive gold jewelry out of sight.

Note also that velvet boxes or cases come in all sizes: very large ones with several drawers (perfect for separating your necklaces and bracelets), small ones that are suitable for a young collection or special boxes for jewelry sets (ideal if you offer a set at the same time!). They also come in various shapes: square, rectangular, book-shaped... You will not lack for choice and will undoubtedly find the best storage for your collection !
How to clean a velvet jewelry box ?
Velvet is not always easy to clean, especially when it comes to a box or case. However, don't panic, simple and regular maintenance will keep your jewelry box in the best possible condition and make it last a long time !

First of all, you should know that it is best to avoid placing your box in places that are too humid and dusty: dust easily gets embedded between the rollers and between the compartments and it will be difficult to remove with a simple feather duster.

There are two ways to clean a dusty box: dry cleaning or washing with water. For a dry wash, you can sprinkle talcum powder on your box and massage it into the material. After a one night rest period, you can vacuum up the residue with a handheld vacuum cleaner with a fine nozzle to get into every nook and cranny.

For cleaning with water, the best solution is to use a soft cloth moistened with warm water. Do not use paper towels, as they may disintegrate and leave lint. Rub the velvet jewelry box well with the cloth, but don't be too aggressive.

If you have stains that don't want to come out as easily, you can opt for a cleaning solution, such as Marseille soap, to be added in small amounts to the cloth. In this case, rinse as best you can with a damp cloth. You can also add two spoons of white vinegar to the soapy water if the stain is stubborn.

To dry your box, you can either use a hair dryer or air dry. The advantage of the hair dryer is that it's faster and you can make sure all areas are dry before putting your precious jewelry back on.

And if you need to deodorize your box, simply get a fabric deodorizing spray.

Opting for a velvet jewelry box is a choice you won't regret. Your jewelry sets will be safe and you will have in your possession a particularly classy object of decoration. So, if elegance is what guides you in life, don't hesitate to choose a velvet jewelry box or case !

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