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Wooden Jewelry Box

Wood is a perfect material for making a wooden jewelry box! Easy to work with, it allows you to create jewelry boxes for women as well as for men. But also very nice models of girls jewelry boxes thanks to its design possibilities.

A wooden box for your jewelry collection
If wood is considered the noble material par excellence, it is not for nothing. Easy to renew, healthy and ecological, wood is the first choice when it comes to building everyday objects. So it's only natural that many jewelry boxes are made of this material! Nowadays, all kinds of wooden jewelry boxes exist, in all shapes and colors.
Why choose a wooden jewelry box
A wooden jewelry box is the assurance of a solid and elegant jewelry box, which will keep your collection safe and in an environment that best suits it for a long time. There is a reason why wooden jewelry boxes have been around for centuries and their success has never waned. They are timeless, can be both classic and modern.

Moreover, they can easily become a decorative object and bring a certain warmth to your bedroom or living room. So, if the wood matches your decoration, don't hesitate!

A wooden jewelry box is also an object that lasts. Thanks to its solidity, it is highly possible that you can keep your box all your life and pass it on to your children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren! Your box is no longer a simple storage but becomes a real object of value, with a rich sentimental history.

Moreover, the choices are multiple and everyone will find his happiness: you can go towards dark wood, almost black, or lighter wood, close to yellow, or even wood painted in pink or green for example. A jewelry box in white wood, a black or brown jewelry box... All colors are available!

You can also choose among several types of wood: walnut wood, a particularly strong, durable and easy to maintain wood, sandalwood, a wood known for its perfume and its soothing virtues, or pine wood, light, soft and which goes with all decorations... Oak, particularly prized for luxurious and interior decorations and cherry wood, with its fine grain and sought after for the construction of valuable objects, are also first choice woods.

You can also choose a large wooden jewelry cabinet, a wooden jewelry box, a simple box for ornaments ... All formats exist.

In fact, it all depends on your tastes and preferences but it is certain that one of these wooden jewelry boxes will suit you!
How to decorate your wooden jewelry box ?
One of the other great advantages of wooden jewelry storage is the ease of customizing and decorating them! So, if you find your jewelry box too simple, or if you bought it with the specific purpose of customizing it, the following tips are for you.

You can paint your box: to do this, you just need a wood paint, for example acrylic paint which dries quickly and is easy to use. You choose the color or colors that reflect your personality and match your interior, and you cover the wood with a brush. If you feel like an artist, feel free to draw shapes, mosaics or other sophisticated works!

If painting is not your thing, you can turn to engraving! If you are unsure, don't hesitate to ask a professional to do it for you or to teach you the techniques to use. You can have a first name engraved, specific designs or a date (for example, the date of birth if you are giving it to someone for their birthday or the date you met your partner if it is a romantic gift).

Finally, you can turn to a very simple way of decorating: stickers and stickers! The limits of creation are then non-existent, there are so many stickers that you will inevitably find those that suit you. Stickers of your favorite music bands, animals, cute characters, smileys ... You have the embarrassment of choice.

So don't hesitate to let your creativity flow on your wooden jewelry box. It can even be the occasion of an educational workshop between parents and children or a fun activity to share with friends !
Cleaning a wooden jewelry box
Maintaining wood is not always easy: you have to take into account the type of wood, you don't always have the necessary products, you are afraid of making an irreparable mistake... In truth, it is not as delicate as you think! You just need to follow a few tips.

First of all, it is important to never use an abrasive sponge and to prefer soft cloths, which will not scratch the wood. It is also advisable not to rub the wood too hard.

You should also know that a simple wet cloth is usually enough to clean your box on a daily basis.

However, if the stains are more stubborn, you must pay attention to the type of wood: if your jewelry box is made of raw wood, soapy water (a little Marseille soap) and a soft cloth should be enough to remove the dust and the few grease stains that may appear. If the wood is varnished or waxed, avoid chemicals and use water mixed with white vinegar on a cloth. If this is not enough, you can use linseed oil mixed with turpentine and apply it to the wood with a wool cloth. It is important to dry well afterwards. For a painted wooden box, to be cleaned with soapy water, it is necessary to be even more careful about drying: water can damage the paint.

In case of a scratch on painted wood, it is preferable to apply a new paint directly. For varnished wood, there is a simpler solution: you can use popote, a lacquer product to put in small quantities on a piece of cloth: make small circular movements with the cloth and then pass a clean cloth to clean the product.

A wooden jewelry box is therefore a jewelry storage that is hard to do without, combining practicality with decoration and elegance !

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